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What is everyone shouting about?

Do you know four mums? One of them is struggling with a mental health issue. And the likelihood is that all of them struggle with loneliness as some point each week.

Do you know which of your mum friends are struggling? I bet you don’t. And not because you’re a bad friend, but because they are probably hiding it from you.

This is what #ShoutieSelfie is all about. It’s about showing mums that are struggling that you understand and support them. That they are not alone, and that it’s ok to feel they way they are.

Luckily maternal mental health issues have been getting more and more airtime. Celebs are talking out about it (watch this space for their #ShoutieSelfies!) and normal mums like me are too.

And it’s important, because no mum should feel alone in this.

That's why I launched #ShoutieSelfie back in 2017 – to help mums (and dads!) out their struggling with their mental health to know they are not alone. I launched it because after struggling for 2 years with Post-Natal Depression and Anxiety I started to share my experience and realise it wasn't just me who was struggling – and knowing that helped me on my road to recovery.

I launched it in 2017 (with just 10 days planning and 2 months social media experience, but bags and bags of energy and passion!) and it was a great success. It got maternal mental health trending in just 30 minutes of launching, and a million impression in the first week.

Last year it was MASSIVE! With 8 million impressions along on Twitter and the support of amazing charities, organisations and celebrities such as BBC5Live, HeadsTogether, Baby Buddy, NCT, PANDAS, World mental health day, Binky and Jane Felstead, Anna Williamson, Josh Paterson and many more!

This year it's even bigger and better. Not just because I've had longer to plan, to get some amazing organisations and people involved, but because people across the UK, and the world, are taking notice of post natal depression and other maternal mental illnesses.

So, if you love someone who is struggling – or have/are struggling yourself – of even if don't know of anyone struggling but want to let those around you know that you support and don't judge them, please:

  1. Take a selfie of you shouting (feel free to write #ShoutieSelfie across it if you fancy!)
  2. Post it using #ShoutieSelfie on your social media platforms ideally tagging 5 friends who also understand (If you’d like to use the suggested wording you can find it here!)

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Let’s do something great!

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