Hello World: MummyLinks is live!

06/06/2018 by Emily Tredget

I am extremely excited to announce that Today is the day! The MummyLinks app is live to the world!

As I’m sure you know, MummyLinks is a new free app which helps mums beat loneliness safely. It is the safe place to meet mums for local playdates. Simples

I set it up after struggling with PND after the birth of my son 3 years ago. It was a real struggle daily, and loneliness played a key part. 93% of mums say they struggle with loneliness at least once a week, and with 1 in 4 struggling with PND I was keen to do something to help.

So through MummyLinks I am hoping to help ALL mums beat loneliness, in the hope that this will also help the 1 in 4 mums struggling with PND.

The facebook group has been a great source of friendship to the 2.8k mums currently using it, if you would like to hear more from them please do take a look at their testimonials.

But I can’t do this alone. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. It means so much that you have stuck by me through the endless technology development! But we are here! It’s been over 2 years since I came up with the idea and I can’t believe we are finally here. It’s been tough, but I’ve absolutely loved it! And I hope you will too!

I will let the app do the talking, so if you are part of the MummyLinks community please head to the facebook group where you’ll find the code to progress through the app profile. Then head to the AppStore or GooglePlay to download and start meeting mums! I would absolutely love any feedback you have on the app (or even why you have decided not to download it if that’s you!). It’s just a starting point, and I’ve a lot more updates and improvements to make – so any feedback is really appreciated! I’ve actually created this quick questionnaire which you could use to provide feedback if you fancy it.

If you are a mum, and haven’t asked to join yet please head to the facebook group. It is invite/approval only to keep mums safe, so if you don’t already know somebody in the community this may take a little time to join. To speed this up, please let all your trusted mum friends know about the group – once one of them has a link into the group you will be accepted too!

If you are part of the community already, or you’re not a mum, I would love your support in spreading the word. Please post on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc a message about MummyLinks and the link www.bit.ly/MLFBG encouraging your mum friends to sign up! A picture always helps so why not download the image with this article

Thanks for your support, and see you on the other side!


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MummyLinks is a free app helping mums beat loneliness through local playdates.

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Being a mum is tough, so building a strong, local community is key.

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Create or join playdates with local mums, even at short notice. Sign up for free today!

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We take safety very seriously. MummyLinks is invite only. You can find out more here.